Current version is v2
Release Notes

Welcome to LIMS!

LIMS the Laboratory Information Management System for The Centre for Phenogenomics. This page is your guide to some highlights of the most exciting features that are now available!

The site has been designed to be easier and quicker to use, while giving lots more flexibility and power to its users. If there's anything that we can add to make your job easier, please feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

Home Page

... allows instant access to common pages and selected summary information. It's even customized based on your account!


.. with scrollers, last-viewed highlighting, column selection, and the quick search bar, it's now much easier to quickly find and navigate through cages and more.

Cage & Mouse

... for all of your colony data management. Some common workflow processes now have their own automated pages, simplifying your day and freeing up your time.


... powerful reporting pages, which can be indispensable for tracking your cage usage at TCP.

Service Requests

... easily submit requests concerning cages by selecting the cages first, rather than having to type in cage numbers manually.


... to store information about alleles and genetic modification, welfare, and attachment sections for better collaboration.


... AUP information easily accessible online, including personnel, hazardous agent responses, and controlled drug usage. You can also now submit requests for minor AUP amendments completely online, saving time and paperwork.


... to book multiple pieces of equipment or rooms at the same time. Access online quizzes that can be used to update your mandatory safety training at your convenience.


... co-ordinate labs and staff in a large shared facility.


... to view invoices, add and approve charges, and access all things financial.

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