Term Definition
Allele An allele is defined (in the TCP world) as a genetic mutation to a particular gene or chromosome. A mouseline can have one or multiple alleles (such as in the case of multi-transgenics) and thus alleles can be shared between lines. Alleles are characterized by MGI and are often found on the MGI database.
Allele Confidentiality refers to the ability of more than the creator of the allele to be able to see a mouseline on LIMS. Alleles that are published and are listed on MGI are automatically not confidential and are searchable by anyone with LIMS access. This promotes sharing of mice within the facility. If you generate a novel allele then you have the option of keeping it confidential for the purposes of your experiments. If you combine this novel allele with ones not confidential you can maintain confidentiality by keeping the box checked.
Mouseline A mouseline is a strain of mouse with alleles associated with it (or not, in the case of WTs). Thus the ROSA rtTA allele can be on both a B6 and CD-1 background, thus creating two distinct mouselines.
Mouseline Passport is essentially an identity card for the mouseline. It lists the alleles, the background, and the contact information of a particular line.


Acronym Definition
AUP Animal Use Protocol
BP Breeding Pair
F Female
M Male
LIMS Laboratory Information Management System
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